Thursday, July 14, 2016

 This last Tuesday Leonardo and I present at the 2016 ASES conference in San Francisco. The conference we an absolutely amazing experience for myself and I plan on attending another as soon as possible. During the last conference a lot of networking was done. The first companies we contacted were those on the bottom floor. Meyer Burger was a cell production company that are optimizing photovoltaic cell for solar panels. Neo Solar Power were one of the next companies we talked too. Neo Solar has 355W panels that were relatively similar in data as the Sun Edison panels we were considering for our calculations. Hyundai Solar Modules also caught our attention however there panels have a relatively low voltage and low wattage for our applications as well as a lower module efficiency. Smartflower POP is definitely something i'm interested in, it has an effective opening and closing design as well as a beautiful aesthetics to it. One very interesting maintenance possibility that was using  the RMUS Solar Inspector Pro which is essentially a quad-copter designed to maintain and support a solar pane system. ECOLUX and LOSERChemie have developed great methods for simple PV recycling. PFalz Solar was a company that was mass selling to city grid systems, something we may be able to replicate in our applications. Tectonic was a support company that is wanting to assist us in electrical installations, generation calculations, and similar calculation that SAMs does for us currently. Similar to tectonic, Greenlancer has a support system for our entire installations and manufacturing. As for batteries, there were more batteries companies than solar panel companies in my opinion. Some companies we looked at were Fullriver AGM battery, Herewin storage, an electrIQ which has an AC/DC inverter as well., SIMPLIPHI smart-tech battery, and BMZ energy storage to name just a few.. One company I think we may want to implement is NHR, a regenerative grid simulator company. There simulations machines are around 30,000 so that may be an impinging factor to our decision to use the simulation. Lastly we got information on all the electronic components from QuickCables and "blind" connectors form CombiTac. After the networking session we had our presentation in which we went over all of our calculations, designs, and future ideas we have of the transit system. All in all it was a very memorable opportunity for me.

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